The Easiest Way To Mentally Convert Fahrenheit To Celsius

Written By Aaron Rogers - January 08 2015


June 02 2021

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Rupert Morrell
May 13 2018

I was watching the Dr Oz show one time and they and they had this female sleep expert on talking about the best temperature to sleep in. I am from Australia (were we use the metric system for everything) and when she mentioned 68 degrees I thought yeah right like I am going to be able to sleep at that temperature. Sure come to Australia and I willnset you up a nice room at 68 degrees Celceus for you. I wouldn’t tell her the unit of measurement until afterwards. Someone should have converted the temperature across as a subtitle for those in other lands that use “real money” so to speak and not the “funny money” of the USA. Thank you for your website.

Jamaal Qadir
March 17 2017

Thanks for sharing the easy method of changing celsius to Fahrenheit. I’ve been wanting to learn that for a while now.

Faye Cochran
January 23 2015

Thanks for the Celsius/Fahrenheit chart. I am sure this will come in handy!!! And it is easy to calculate/remember!!

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